1. Are you required to have prior knowledge of flying in a simulator?


Every flight lesson includes instruction in the simulator and the flying basics by an experienced airline pilot. Here, your previous knowledge and interests are individually addressed. So everyone can fly in the simulator. However, it is important to note that, similar to the car, a certain body size is required to operate all controls.


2. Can I bring spectators to my flight?


Of course, you can also bring a companion to your flight. Our premises offer enough space for several guests and the simulator is designed so that you can look over the shoulder of the pilot while flying. However, we kindly ask you to note briefly when you request if you want to accompany more than two spectators.


3. Do I spend the entire time in the simulator?


We want you to be able to spend as much time in the simulator as possible. The duration you have booked is pure flight time and only begins after instruction.


4. What qualification does my instructor have?


Your instructor is an active airline pilot with over 9500 hours of flight experience.


5. How do I book an adventure flight?


Simply send us your desired date and, if possible, an alternative date using the contact form.


6. Why is a booking only possible on request?


We would like to offer every hour of flight with an experienced pilot. We therefore have to coordinate our quotas with the monthly duty rosters.


7. I am a pilot myself and would like to use the simulator for training flights. Is that possible?


The simulator is primarily designed for adventure flights and is therefore not certified for official or license-relevant training. However, due to its realistic system behavior, the simulator also offers private and prospective professional pilots a challenging environment for testing and improving their own skills.

However, there are no plans to practice emergencies.

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